Friday, 10 October 2014

Kosth Shuddhhi Kalp

 ~~~~~~~ अच्युताय कोष्ठ शुद्धि कल्प(Achyutaya Kosth Shuddhhi Kalp Tablet) ~~~~~

यह कल्प पेट के साथ प्रमुख अंगों जैसे लीवर ,किडनी ,प्लीहा,जठर तथा आंतो को साफ कर उसकी कार्य क्षमता बढाता है।

(1)Product Name :- Achyutaya Kosth Shuddhhi  Tablet
(2)Quantity :- 50 g.

(3)Direction For Use :- 2 to 3 tab. morning empty stomach with lukewarmwater.( Dose depends upon age, weight & illness of the individuals). OR as directed by physician.
        Note :- Do not take milk 2 hr. before & 2 hr. after medicine.
 (4)Benefits :- Kosth shudhdhi means removing unwanted waste products from stomach, intestine, liver, spleen & blood.
             Useful in abdominal pain, sprue, diarrhoea, dysentery, piles,fistula, constipation etc.
             Also useful in cough, asthma,chronic lung disease of children viz. allergic bronchitis, whooping cough etc.,  nocturia in children, eosinophilia, periodic recurrent fever etc.

(5) Main Ingredients :- Emblica ribes(vidang), Holarrhena antidysenterica(indrayav), ocimum sanctum (Tulsi Beej ) etc.

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